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Tampon Myths

When it comes to menstruation there are many myths and misconceptions that simply aren’t true. We’re here to tell you the straight truth regarding tampons, so read on to clear your mind.

Q:   Can a tampon be pushed too far inside my body?
A:   No, The opening at the end of the vagina, the cervix, is too small to allow a tampon to pass through. It just can’t happen.
Q:   Can a tampon "float away" inside my body?
A:   No. In addition to the cervix being too small, the walls of the vagina hold the tampon in place. The tampon will stay put until you take it out.
Q:   Can I wear my Playtex® tampon overnight?
A:   Absolutely. You can wear a tampon for up to 8 hours, day or night, but keep in mind that you should change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours and use the lowest absorbency needed to reduce the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).
Q:   Can I wear a tampon for swimming and playing sports?
A:   You can do anything you wish: swimming, bathing, sports, and more. There’s no slipping or shifting like with a pad. So they’re perfect for active women like you! Read how other women feel about using Playtex® Sport® Tampons for swimming and other sports!
Q:   The first time I tried using a tampon, it was totally uncomfortable. And when I tried taking it out it hurt. Am I someone who can’t use tampons?
A:   Definitely not. Sometimes tampons are inserted incorrectly (usually they’re not in far enough) and they feel weird. The fact that it hurt when you pulled it out is because tampons are designed to expand in your body. When you pull out a dry tampon that’s only been in your vagina a short time, it can be uncomfortable. Next time, give the tampon a chance to absorb some of your menstrual flow. That way it won’t be dry and won’t drag along your delicate vaginal lining.
Q:   I read on the Internet that there are all kinds of toxic chemicals in tampons. Is that true?
A:   We all know how easy it is for the wrong information to get passed on the Internet. However, there are government organizations like Health Canada that have strict requirements for the production of tampons to make sure they are free from any harmful materials.

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